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Henry County Puppy 1 - Murphy The Guardian 6749

4/11/2024 - Mr. Murphy (Murf) has been doing wonderfully and is turning into a real sweetheart. Happy news, he has had no signs of parvo and will be getting his final round of vaccines next week. He will be available for adoption after the 23rd. If you are an approved adopter, feel free to reach out to the foster.  Approved adopters ONLY.

3/21/2024 - Our Mr. Murphy arrived at his foster home on March 8th. One of 9 puppies brought into VGSR who had been dumped in the woods.  Here is the local news story: -  https://www.wdbj7.com/2024/03/21/11-german-shepherd-puppies-rescued-after-being-abandoned-woods/?fbclid=IwAR1RccroS5f1kh-m0ClmdvHA5xt88M2GeNUwsRlVQ0yoEF8ke2PIRCFDVdw and here is a follow-up story:    https://www.wdbj7.com/2024/03/25/11-german-shepherd-puppies-recovery-after-left-woods/?fbclid=IwAR05IdiMe0ztEAcNpyEsdhZW8OytUHOg08epRKU0f8xHBKcwy7yJLmzid_8_aem_Ac6v0AloVyA5sma133yvd-sda79B_tHtBj2T5hWF28j6o0sIT-OELR0ME1008wkrQTuyGmlQcYKwUUHg7Kx7oKAV

When Murphy arrived it was obvious the little ones looked to him for guidance and he was the most vocal giving warning to the group about the strange new people around him.  He was their little Guardian. Initially he was cautious and skirted away all the while keeping a close eye on us.  After just a short while he calmed and settled in. He has a great recovery period which we were happy to see.

Overall Murphy is a handsome fella that looks like he will grow into a good size GSD. He is a sweetheart and comes seeking attention so I expect good things from him.

We are happy to say Murphy is one of the lucky ones who hasn’t contracted parvo. Depending on when adopted, his new family will be responsible for his final vaccination(s), keeping him isolated (no public sidewalk walks, visiting other homes, etc.) until at least two weeks after being fully vaccinated, neutering, and basic training. We are happy to discuss further.

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