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Chase 6356

Affectionate and gentle, he's the perfect companion for first-time German Shepherd owners. Despite his age, Chase loves running, playing with balls, and exploring. He's a lively dog with a zest for life, ready to fill your home with joy. Chase is a well-mannered gentleman, crate-trained with an excellent recall. He is a quiet companion – hardly barking and expressing his needs with gentle whines. A serene presence for a peaceful home.

Chase's mild demeanor hints at his compatibility with cats, and he could be excellent with children. A meet-and-greet will guarantee a suitable match. As the day comes to an end, Chase transitions into a cuddle enthusiast, eager to share affection and warmth on the couch.

Chase's favorite things to do are to play tug-of-war, fetch, go for walks, hikes, and even runs. He wants to be engaged in everything you do, making him an excellent candidate for an active family. 

Chase deeply dislikes being left in solitude for prolonged periods of time. With an innate desire for companionship, he finds solace and contentment in the presence of his beloved human. He would best thrive in a home environment where someone is present the majority of the time. (He cannot be left alone for 6+ hours on a regular basis and will be a strong requirement for adoption.)

Ready to welcome a forever young spirit into your home? Chase is patiently waiting to be your loyal and loving companion. ❤️

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