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Daisy Mae 4873

Say hello to Miss Daisy Mae.  She has just arrived so keep an eye out on her profile for our updates as she starts to settle in.

11/26/2023 - Well Miss Daisy Mae has been with use for just over a week now. She is settling in and has become a velcro dog. She definitely wants to be near her person/people.  She loves to run in the yard and will play fetch which is great to burn off some of her energy. Happily she can settle and chill in the house but expect her to be your shadow if not underfoot should you get up.  There are currently 2 other dogs in the house (GSD and an old mutt - both female) and in general she gets along with them. She enjoys rough housing with the GSD but leaves the old girl alone. She does a bit of resource guarding - namely the coffee table as she likes to lie underneath. Not sure if it is me or the table she is guarding. We also have 5 cats which has been a mixed bag. She definitely has a prey drive so outdoor kitties would be a no. Indoor kitties would need to be confident, used to large dogs, more of a plop down than a run away, and have their claws.  She isn't a puller on the leash but does do the walk back and forth in front of you so a bit of training would be good.  She is house trained and does very well taking advantage of whenever she is outside.  She is not crate trained but she and the other pups spend the night in our mudroom/laundry room.  They also go in there if I have a big conference call or if I Step away from the house for a bit.  Initially she had issues being separated but she has settled into the routine and now naps, plays with her toys and no longer jumps at the door to get out. In just a week she is sooo much better. 


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