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Koko 6061

Meet Miss KoKo!  Koko is a gorgeous 9 month old female GSD that is still learning life is not as scary.  We rescued Koko from a family that did not socialize her at the critical puppy phases.  When we first met Koko she was so terrified that she spent 20 minutes trying to escape from the leash to hide under the front porch or the bushes anything to get away from us scary strangers.  When she arrived at her foster home she was nervous, but is quickly learning to trust.  Time and patience is what KoKo will need as she is learning to trust all humans aren’t bad.  Koko met her 4 legged foster brother, she didn’t know if she should break into full play mode or run and hide, but with in mere hours they were galloping through the house playing and having a good ole time.  I am continuing to build Koko’s confidence and expose her to more each day.  At this time Koko is not ready for adoption as she learns to be her best self to be ready for her forever home.  If you have questions about Koko or would like to hear more on her progress email Libby at bippyw7@yahoo.com. 

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