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Max 6406

Max is a young strong willed boy. It takes a little bit to get his attention but once you do he listens well. He is good in the house and is crate trained. He is a picture perfect passenger and will just lay quietly and enjoy the ride. He is good with dogs and has been well behaved if a little pushy, but also submissive, to all dogs he's met. He is too interested in cats, so a no-cat household is needed. He is okay with older children. MAX knows many commands such as sit, lay down, and drop. He is a lover of toys and can never decide on his favorite, that is until you have a squeaky ball. He will fetch and drop on command. His nickname is 'Destroyer of balls' as he has gotten ahold of 4+ balls and misc. toys in his foster home and one by one squished and shredded. He doesn't enjoy soft rubber toys because they're gone too quick. He will need LOTS of aggressive-chewer toys to keep occupied. He has a strong bark when encountering strangers or when startled. When is attention is on you he's a cuddle bug and will lean on you for more pets. Max pulls on the lead and will need a strong handler to keep him learning how good he can be.

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