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Percy offers all the benefits of a senior dog with the added benefits of a middle-aged adult.  He is thought to be about 9 years old but it’s almost impossible to believe. He has an amazing amount of energy, is extremely agile and LOVES to play.  He’s very focused on having fun and wants to share the good times with a never-ending invitation to throw a ball for him.   Being inside the house isn’t a problem; just give it a toss and get it past him, if you can.

Percy is always ready for a car ride.  He goes from the door directly to my van ready to jump in the second the door is open; no wondering around for this boy.  He walks very well on a leash, takes treats very gently, knows “sit,” down” and is doing well with “wait.” Percy is completely trustworthy in the house – no kennel needed – and greets all visitors like old friends. 

Percy does have a thyroid issue but it’s very easily managed with a pill (14 cent) mixed in his food at both meals.  A recent checkup showed the condition is well under control.

Percy has lived with other dogs in the past but he is not willing to share his toys so a home where he is the center of attention would be best for him.  Cats are an unknown but probably not a good idea either.

You couldn’t ask for more unless it’s more information on this great guy. Email us at

Percy will attend an adoption event January 21st at the Pembroke PetSmart, 4421 Virginia Beach Blvd, 11-2pm.




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