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Update 9.10.22.  As you know my name is Penny but I have since acquired a new name, Penny Puddle Pup. I think the video speaks for itself. I sure did have a lot of fun that day. So much so my foster mom had to carry me into the house cuz I didn’t want to stop!

I’m now current with all my vaccines; rabies too! I’m really, really good in my crate. No messes and maybe a little whining at first but I settle down very quickly. I’m doing great in alerting when I need to go potty. I’ve had an accident or two only cuz nobody was paying attention. Geesh. To be honest, I’m not that crazy about going potty while I’m on my lead. I’ve been tearing around free in this huge back yard with rocks, trees and bushes. I’m not crazy about the lead cuz it’s new and I like to try and chew on it. Hey, I’m a puppy! So, it does take me a little longer to potty while on a lead right now. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Well, when I went to the doc the other day to finish getting my vaccines and to find out that I now weight 27 lbs., I also found out that I have a permanent, non-congenital birth defect. You may remember that my mom, Lily, was a little rough with me when I was first born. Evidently mom damage the part of my brain that affects balance. Sometimes when I run, I tilt my head to the side, mostly the right side. I don’t always tilt though. Sometimes I have difficulty remaining in a sitting position if I’m on a very slight incline and I fall over. I have been known to fall over and roll down the hill. I have also been known to fall down the 2 steps on the porch when I get really excited and run. I do walk like a drunken sailor at times but I think that is getting better. So, I need my new human to be very watchful of me, especially while I’m a puppy so I don’t get hurt. Also, I don’t want stairs. Well, maybe two to three would be ok. 

MORE IMPORTANTLY: I am a very happy puppy! I love playing and running around. I was a great copilot with my foster mom in the car. It was the first time I rode shotgun to my appointment and was very well behaved. I either sat and looked out the window, or I laid down with my head on the pillow next to her. The doc thought I might have been car sick cuz of my balance issue, but I wasn’t! Since I’ve been unbalanced, hee hee hee, from the start, she thinks maybe I’d adjusted to it. I met this furry black thing at the vet. Mom was holding me and I went nose to nose with it. Then I jerked my head back and look at mom like, What the heck?? She told me it was a cat. Big deal I said. On the way home, I looked at mom gave out a little cry which mom correctly recognized as I gotta go potty. So, we stopped and I peed and pooped! Mom says I’m so very smart.

Other than my balance being off, I am your normal, beautiful, awesome, fun-loving GSD puppy. I may never be able to do an agility course, but I can be a very lovable, goofy GSD who’ll capture your heart and make you very happy!

August 4, 2022. I was the runt of Lily 4847’s 6 puppy litter. My name is Penny and I AM NO LONGER THE RUNT at 8 weeks old! Mama didn’t mean to be, but she was a little rough with me and one of my sisters when we were first born. I had a small abrasion on my right shoulder but it’s all healed up. My right eye was also set back in the socket and smaller than the left eye. But that has gotten way better. It is still a little smaller than the left but the vet says that my pupil reacts normally to light. And it doesn’t stop me from straightening out my brother and sisters when they think they can pick on me. Sometimes when I roar, they won’t even dare to come near. I am a very sweet girl and I love attention and being played with and lots of belly rubs please. For further information on me, approved adopters please contact my foster mom, Sonja Nott via email:

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