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Born on 2/2/22 this 3 month old palindrome pup is now available for adoption. 

  • UPDATE 05/09/22:  AVA  got her second set of vaccinations. Vet is very happy about pups progress. AVA and OTTO were both introduced to cats. They were curious but very comfortable around them. Pups will do well in a house with cats .

  • UPDATE 04/26/22:   Ava is such a sweet, cute little pup. She is a cuddle bug and loves to hop on your lap or cuddle next to you. She is such a happy go lucky pup and enjoys meeting strangers.  All pups are Crate trained and they love to cuddle together and sleep in crate(doors closed for now). Pups are doing really good with  Potty Training, except for few accidents during play time. With consistent breaks they will learn in no time.  Pups are also learning few obedience, they now know SIT command with a lure. They are also learning to wait patiently for food and sit before each meal. 
  • UPDATE 04/12/22 : AVA got her first round of vaccinations. Vet is happy with her growth overall. 

  •  AVA - Very affectionate and playful pup. Ava loves to chew and tug on toys. She enjoys wrestling with her siblings.  She will sit on you when you get low and will love to cuddle with you too. Of course be prepared for shark bites on your fingers, toes or ankles.


  • Mama Lois and her litter of 7 pups were pulled from North Carolina shelter in mid March. Soon after they arrived to foster home, all pups broke with Parvo virus. They were admitted in ER for few days. Despite 24/7 monitoring and treatment in ER, we lost one pup Eve to this deadly virus Parvo. She was such a great warrior. Remaining 6 pups are now discharged from ER and recovering well at foster home. As parvo survivor pups they will be adopted ONLY to families who can understand their special/ medical needs. 
  • Approved adopters please contact foster parent at  Vanajadurai@gmail.com.


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