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Sky 6103

Meet Sky 6103!  She's a beautiful blonde German Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix!

Sky is a very affectionate dog who likes children, other dogs, and even cats!  She wants to play with our cat, but he's 16 and wants no part of play time, much to Sky's chagrin.  She walks well on a leash, is well mannered, takes treats gently, takes correction well, and knows sit and down.  We found out she likes to play ball!  She likes to play with both a small Chuck-it type ball and a bigger soccer-type Jolly Ball.  When she's inside, she likes to have a good chew on an antler or a Benebone!

Sky has a medium silky coat just perfect for petting.  Sky loves her people and is really starting to come out of her shell.  The first day we found her on the couch (which is allowed in our house) we were just tickled that she finally was comfortable enough to get up there on her own!  Now she jumps up and lounges like a pro!  Sky does not like loud noises and is scared of thunder or loud action-type movies/TV shows.  We have a Thunder Shirt and tried it on her during a storm and she did a lot better.  She is crate trained and rides well in the car.  

Sky will make a wonderful family pet.  Sky's dream home is a family that has children that she can play with in a fully-fenced backyard.  While she does well with other dogs, and even cats, Sky would also do well as a single dog, as long as she has plenty of play time to keep her stimulated, exercised, and out of trouble!

Sky is an owner surrender due to her being an escape artist and having wanderlust (a trait common in Great Pyrenees).  She was known to escape by digging out from under her fenced in area and jump shorter fences to either be with her family or go swimming.  Therefore, a 6 foot fence is a requirement for adopting Sky.

Approved adopters can contact Sky's foster at: 

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