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Radar 4283

Why is such a handsome and loving boy still available? Radar is a love-bug that wants adult humans of his own. He had a rough puppyhood (stray, shelter, bad adoption experience) and needs an experienced adopter (a Belgian Malinois is like a GSD on steroids). As a working breed and due to his high energy he won't be adopted to a home with young children. He loves to give kisses and get belly rubs, snuggle up on the couch, play fetch and go for walks and runs and needs a lot of exercise and engagement. He gets along and plays with his GSD foster siblings but constantly tries to hog his human's attention. 

Radar 4283 is still looking for his forever home. Do you want a dog that will run (or walk) with you, loves to play and snuggle, is a great protector? Radar wants to know someone before allowing pets, but has warmed up to many people Radar is a sweet boy and loves his people and their friends, but wears a muzzle in public places as people like to come and pet him without asking as he is such a handsome boy. He loves to play and chase/wrestle his foster siblings and is eager to please. He needs reminders to heel on walks, and an attentive walker to keep him calm when other dogs are passing by, but has made huge progress with training - he is eager to please and food motivated. Please contact his foster for more information or to meet him triebi@hotmail.com.

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