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Shea 6008

2/23/22  Update:  Shea can be adopted alone, rather than just with Mika.

2/10/22 Elegant and graceful, Shea is a three-year-old black German Shepherd who weighs about 65 pounds.  She is a total sweetheart who likes to play and snuggle.  On first meeting new people, she does better with women than with men but is fine once she gets over her initial hesitation.  Sometimes she is a little reactive to other dogs when she first sees them but she can be corrected or re-directed.  This is more curiosity and playfulness rather than aggression – she tries to play with her senior canine companion Mika, but Mika is not interested.  Shea knows some commands, such as sit, and she walks reasonably well on a leash.  She is pretty energetic so she will need a fenced-in yard, trips to the dog park, and/or lots of walks.  Shea and Mika were surrendered together and they would like to be adopted together, but this not absolutely necessary.  They plan to attend adoption events in Northern Virginia.  Approved adopters can reach her foster at

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