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Lucy 4875

. Lucy is a delightful, sweet and affectionate girl. She’s house and crate trained, but much prefers to curl on the couch or bed with you. Lucy is sometimes a little nervous and anxious in new environments at first. Like many Shepherds, it takes a bit for her to warm up to a new person or dog, but after that she’s very friendly and playful. She often barks at people and dogs she doesn’t know, but that’s part of her protector job that she takes seriously. She frequently wrestles with and plays tug of war with my other Shepherd, and when playing with me she’s quite gentle. Lucy had some ear troubles early in life, and was corrected with surgery, which is why her ears flop over in a very adorable sort of way. Like most shepherds, she’s curious, alert, and protective of her “pack”. It is unknown whether she gets along with cats. Lucy understands basic commands and I’ve been working with her to reinforce this. When walking on a leash she often pulls at first but settles in next to you once corrected. Overall, Lucy is a delightful girl, and with a little work, will be a loyal and affectionate companion. Lucy will need a strong leader to keep her from being over protective when out in public.

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