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Mya 3834

The best things come in small packages! Mya 3834 is a precious, pocket shepherd weighing in at 50lbs! She is the total package - beautiful, smart and such a sweetheart. Mya was used as a breeding dog and eventually found herself in a kill shelter as an owner surrender. Mya lived with a younger female dog who was also intact and when the girls had their heat cycles there was conflict between the two females. Mya was surrendered with several wounds on her body - her poor face has scars all over it. We were notified by the shelter that Mya was on the euthanasia list and had very little time left before her life would be taken. VGSR is overwhelmed with intakes and there were no open foster homes available but we couldn't let such an amazing girl whose life is so worthy of continuing be euthanized so we sprung into action and got Mya to safety. She is currently in boarding at a veterinarian facility where she is being spayed, vetted and treated for her pitifully infected ears and other wounds. Mya got her freedom ride out of the shelter and it was evident that she was so grateful! Mya was given a bath and spent a few hours being loved on by our volunteers. Mya loved getting so much attention, she played with a few toys, happily sat for treats and gave tons of kisses! Mya is a GEM!

We did a dog evaluation with Mya and a male GSD. Mya was growly at times but corrected very well. She was more interested in the people around her and did not focus on the dog. It is clear that Mya's automatic reaction was to be on guard. She was able to walk side by side and to sniff the other dog without issues. Mya has the ability to co-exist with another dog, preferably male, but her adopter would need to have experience and understand that it will take Mya time to be reconditioned not to feel like she has to be in defense mode. While leaving the shelter a cat ran directly in front of her, she had no interested in the cat. Mya is an energetic girl who needs a few manners and does jump at times. She would likely do fine with children as she previously lived with children. Mya will remain in boarding until a foster home opens or she is adopted. Mya will make a great companion and whoever adopts her is one lucky family! Approved adopters email 

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