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Porsche 3855

Tentative Available Date: 1 December 2021

Spay Scheduled: 24 November - Spay went well and she is recovering nicely. 

Miss Porsche (aka Momma Girl - yes she answers to Momma) is a bit of a mystery. She and her little ones were found dumped in an open field. Poor girl. But she doesn't hold that against folks.

She wants to be the first to greet you and smother you with kisses. She walks well on a leash and understands sit, paw, look, etc.  Car ride - she's ready to go, no fussing there. You want to go for a nice walk, she's definitely up for that too. She a bit on the chill side so going for runs wouldn't be her thing.  If you have a treat, she will be your best friend.

Cats - no problem. A quick sniff and she is good - basically ignores them.

She doesn't like being in a kennel but will do fine in a room.  All she asks is for a comfy bed (or even better would be a couch) to sleep on.

She has gotten along with adults, other dogs, and even our clowder of cats. Kids, she's had limited exposure.

She has a beautiful, thick, soft coat - love it - and the warmest brown eyes, they just melt your heart. Overall, she has been the easiest foster I have had and is just a really sweet, good girl. If you are looking for a dog & cat friendly girl to love you to pieces, you found her.


$$$- Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. Every $ helps VGSR to continue to save endangered animals and help ensure proper care for these wonderful pups! If you wish to donate to VGSR, the link can be found here: DONATE  If you wish to sponsor our Miss Porsche (aka Momma Girl), there is a "Sponsor" link under her photo.     THANK YOU!


For those who are interested, you MUST go through the adoption process and become an approved adopter BEFORE being considered. The adoption process and application can be found here: Adoption Application. If you are interested in our beautiful girl AND you are an approved adopter, you can email me at AMutt4You@gmail.com.



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