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Lobo 3885

Lobo 3885 is a sweet boy who loves humans and other dogs and is curious and energetic despite is very scrawny frame. He was picked up by a shelter as a stray and has a bad case of mange - his belly, sides and legs are almost completely bald and he has patches missing from his back, rump and tail. A visit to the vet identified a case of tape worm, bacterial and yeast infections, and low albumin. Lobo also has multiple fractures in his tail and it is sensitive to being lifted. His toenails were over an inch long and his feet were tender and swollen. He weighed in at 62.8 lbs and should be 85 given his frame. There is loose skin that hangs between his front legs from when he was a healthier weight. Despite all this, he gets along with his foster canine siblings, gives kisses and wants to snuggle. He loves walks and is interested in stuffed animals and other toys especially a ball. Lobo is on the mend with a cocktail of medications and medicated baths every 3 days. He is house trained, will take treats gently,  and is friendly to people. Given his prey drive with small animals he likely would not be a good fit in a home with cats. Lobo is a little mouthy and becomes overstimulated around small children - his ideal home would be one with another canine companion and no small children. He understands basic commands such as sit, down and stay(ish). Lobo will make a special addition to a very lucky family! He will be ready for adoption once he heals and is a healthy boy! Approved adopters may email Lobo's foster at nicelyct@gmail.com

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