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Jake 3869

7.9.21. Jake is my name and I’m a wild child. Hey, I’m a 5 month-old puppy. No, I was not part of a new breeding study between GSDs and rabbits. I will grow into my ears…one day. Since a good part of my early months I’ve been cooped up in a crate I’m making up for lost time. I have tons of energy and I am very sweet love bug. I really like humans and dogs. However, I bark at them first just to say “Hi!”

I’m also pretty smart. I know my name. Even if my foster mom can’t remember it. She also calls me Hank, Duncan, Bacon, Charlie, Frank, Buddy and the dog. I only answer to Jake. I really haven’t had much socialization but I’m making up for that too. My mom has two GSDs and they are a lot bigger and older than me. But I’m slowly winning them over to my side. Buddy is my mentor and shows me how to do things. Mika is a diva and she lets me know what I’m not supposed to do. Like get in her face. I’m very nice about it but she can be cranky at times. I have to admit she’s scared me a few times when telling me to back off, but I always go back and ask her if she is really meant that. I said I was pretty smart, not brilliant. Hey, I’m a 5 month-old puppy.

Went to the vet today to check out my left rear leg. I sometimes have a wiggle wobble (but I don’t fall down) when I walk. Since being here for only a couple of days, my gait has improved. I’ve been doing a lot of running and jumping over big rocks outside. I also love to jump way up in the air when I catch my ball. Doc says there’s nothing wrong with my legs or hips. I’m just at the gangly puppy stage when my body sometimes doesn’t exactly know where it’s going.

I met a kitty today at the vet office. Actually two. The first one the doc let me chase but I was nice. The second one, I was drugged out of my mind after being x-rayed. I got up real close to her face and she just looked at me.  I don’t know how many of her I saw. Maybe a couple because after about 15 seconds I started to bark. Just bark. Not sure what tells you about how I am with kitties but hey, I’m a 5-month old puppy.

Please, only approved adopters and those with fenced yards contact my foster mom, Sonja Nott at nottsonja@gmail.com. However, if you’re not approved and are interested in me or another pup on our site, check out the adoption process and application at https://vgsr.rescuegroups.org/forms/form?formid=5185.

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