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Max 3344

7/13/21 Max is a handsome puppy in a large adult body.  He loves to play with toys, including fetch and tug-of-war.  Superpowers include cramming two tennis balls or two toys into his mouth at a time, and the ability to bark with one tennis ball in his mouth.  He knows some commands and is eager to please, and he is working on his impulse control and leash manners.  He has fistulas which are treated with one pill a day and cream applied once a day.  Max is a velcro dog who is treat-motivated and who would enjoy a fenced-in yard, but he is doing okay in his condo foster home with two long walks and two short walks each day.  He is living with a large senior female dog in northern Virginia, where he plans to start attending adoption events once he has his appointment with a VGSR vet in the next few weeks.  Approved adopters can reach his foster at

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