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6/11/2021 - Good news - she has recovered just fine from her spay. Unfortunately, Miss Oakley injured her eye so she had to visit an ophthalmologist yesterday. Good news is she didn't need surgery and has been placed on some meds to make sure it doesn't get infected.  The eye already looks much better this morning. She is needing to wear a hard cone again, so no - she isn't happy about it but has accepted it.  We want to see how she does over the next couple days and should go back to the ophthalmologist in 2-3 weeks for a follow-up. Miss Oakley did bark quite loudly in the car when the vet techs came up to the car to get her. But as soon as she was able to meet them she was all wags.  She went with them willingly and did quite well inside.  As for adoption availability, it depends on how her recovery goes and if the adopter is willing to do the follow-up vet visit with the ophthalmologist.  

6/4/2021 - Well things have finally calmed in the house a bit. Our senior dog and Oakley have come to terms and Miss Oakley has realized she isn't in charge, our old girl is. The pack is now much calmer and seems to be getting along.  As for Miss Oakley, she is definitely house trained, crate trained, walks well on a leash but could use more work, and has a nice respect for our kitties. That said, most of our kitties are very cautious around her but a couple that walk right around her and have gone nose to nose. She understands what a hiss means. Miss Oakley likes to run in the yard but more like a lope than an actual run. She's not much interested in balls or toys so some nice long walks would likely be what gets her energy out.  I also haven't seen a crazy prey drive so that is a positive too.  In the house she has been pretty good - just gotta watch that tail!  Much to her disappointment, she is learning the couch is not hers.  Now she just puts her front paws on it so she can get some better rubs and scratches. On day one she had barked and lunged at a couple folks when out but with some correction and positive reinforcement when she calmed, she has been doing much better.  Has even let the UPS guy come up to her without an issue. No reactions to thunder, vehicles, or other odd sounds so far but more odd situations still to come. I am very pleased with her progress in just a couple days. Added a couple more photos and a video too. Note: she is still on happy pills from her surgery ;-)

6/2/2021 - Everyone, please meet the wonderful Miss Oakley. She just arrived in our home late last night so not much information yet.  Also, you'll notice the little blue balloon/ring around her neck - well she was just spayed and is recovering. She understands sit and no but she considers it before complying and doesn't hold it for very long. She does pretty well on the leash and is treat driven so that will help with training. She seems to want to be top dog in the house but has been human submissive. She is very interested in the cats but not in a "ah, there is lunch" type way. For now I say she has potential for now, she is staying on the leash or in her kennel - no free roam.   We'll add more as we get to know her better.   


$$$  -  Any and all contributions would be greatly appreciated. Our Miss Oakley had a few surprise expenses with a visit to the emergency room and then to an ophthalmologist.  Every $$$ helps VGSR to continue to save and care for these wonderful pups!  Click  "Donate"  i f you would like to help. THANK YOU!


For those who are interested, you  MUST   go through the adoption process and become an approved adopter  BEFORE  being considered. The adoption process and application can be found here: Adoption Application.  If you are interested in our beautiful girl AND you are an approved adopter, you can email me at AMutt4You@gmail.com. 


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