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Barkley 4809

11/1/21 Barkley has been cleared by the vet!!

4/18/21 Barkley is a very sweet eight year old GSD. He was found running loose in the Roanoke, VA area. Upon examination at the shelter it was discovered that he had damage to both of his back legs. It is assumed that this happened sometime while he was running loose. The shelter estimated that he had been running loose for a while. X-rays revealed that no operation was required but rest and meds would fix the issues with his legs.

He is on a moderate exercise program at this time with meds and appears to be recovering nicely.
Barkley is great with the other 5 GSD’s presently in my home. (3 Females and 2 Males). He is not food aggressive and takes his treats very gently. He gets along fine with adults snd children. Barkley loves to lay on his back and get tummy rubs. Barkley is a very loving boy.

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