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2.10.21  Ta-DAH! My name is Charlie, although some think my name should be Trooper for all that I have been through. I’m either 9 months old or 1 year old depending on who you ask. For some reason I ended up as a stray; can  you imagine!?! While straying, one of my adventures became a misadventure when I was struck by a car. OUCH! Don’t mind telling you it wasn’t a pretty sight since it rearranged several of my body parts. I have a broken pelvis, two broken ribs, and a mean road rash. Oh, and the other ugly is that I weighed ONLY 31 lbs.! Well I think that is pretty rude. So did VGSR and my foster mom.

Everyone I’ve met fawns over me and believe you me I love all the attention. They all say how sweet I am; I am. How gentle and friendly I am; I am. Even my mom’s two former VGSR pups think I am. Mom’s 100 lb.+ GSD Buddy, is my trainer. He goes out with me all the time and stays with me when I have to do my business. He is very gentle with me. Except for the time when he was laying down and I put my paw on his butt to try and turn him over. Didn’t do that again. Although he was nice to me when I stuck my head in his food bowl to help him eat his dinner. Now, if I had tried that with Mika, mom’s other GSD, I probably would no longer have a nose. Other than that she likes me fine. Really.

As you can probably guess, I do need quite a bit of R&R; rest and repairs. So I’m not on the market yet. Mom thinks it’ll be a slow process since I need to get back up to fighting weight and make sure all my body parts have healed nicely. Oh, and then of course there’s the snip, snip thing. Mom will be updating my progress over the next month or so please stay tuned.

For those who are interested, and I know MANY of you will be, you MUST go through the adoption process and become an approved adopter BEFORE being considered. The adoption process and application is at

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