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Major 4633

Major is an active 3.5 yr. old neutered male GSD. He is always eager to play ball or go for walks. He is not a couch potato! Based on his prior training, he knows basic obedience (sit, down, stay, wait, go hurry up & potty, crate, come). He is tolerant of our other smaller dog, but would prefer to be an only dog. We are working on ‘gentle’, but he’s not completely there yet. His athletic drive when chasing balls or other toys overwhelms his manners, so small children or pets could get run over in his enthusiasm. Major takes a while to warm up to strangers, but has developed a good attachment to the family. He enjoys traveling, but is particularly protective around strangers who may approach the car.  Major has a tendency to gobble his food, but has shown no food guarding issues; we do use a slow feed bowl to slow his eating down. He did eat items from a coffee table, and has nibbled the heel of one shoe, so until he knows your house rules, I’d keep an eye on him. He’s always ready to go on an adventure!


Approved adopters can contact Major's foster at

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