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Meet beautiful Mila, she sure had a RUFF start to her short life before VGSR stepping in to save her. She was living on the streets running scared and mistrusting as all the humans before had just let her down. Our local Animal Control was finally able to capture her and discovered she was severely hurt. She had deep infected wounds across her throat and legs. We are not sure if she was mistreated by humans or attacked by an animal. Animal Control took Mila at that point she was just considered No Name female where she was put on stray hold. Sadly day after day Mila waited no one came to claim her. This put Mila in imminent danger of euthanasia. Mila needed a Rescue and VGSR stepped forward to help her, not only to heal physically but emotionally and start to learn to trust, know boundaries and have structure. Mila is a great girl who is beginning to understand she is loved and humans are not all bad and can be trusted. Her foster brothers are teaching her a lot. She can be quite the bossy pants and independent, they are teaching her to be part of the pack and that us humans ain't so bad after all! Mila is not quite ready for adoption as she needs to be spayed after healing from her wounds and she is still learning to build that trust. We are working with her daily and she is making good strides. We will keep you updated on her progress.


8/10/20 Update:

     "Mila here! There is a loooott that has been going on the last month and I wanted to be the one to share it. My foster parents have had to show me what it's like being a doggo not only in their den but in general. I was worried I would have to defend myself and protect my toys and food from them foster brothers included. Well, I don't think I have too here.  My foster mom takes me on walks every day. My foster dad told her I already walk nice on a leash and have a nice foos...I'm not pawsitive but I think that's German for what hoomans call the "heel" command. We don't just walk though; I work and get treats for the work! This was part of how I came to realize I can trust my foster family a little more.

     I really love my ball and kong toy that my foster parents gave me. We played something called fetch and my foster mom was so happy and it felt great to run. I got tired really quick though because I am out of shape. The younger foster brother is fun to play with. He's about my age and size too! Sometimes we get a little too rough and chatty and mom has to step in (no fun!). My other foster brother seems grumpy all the time. I try to give him kisses and nuzzles but he doesn't seem to like that very much. Yet he is like a "teddy bear" to our parents...c'mon now! 

     Mom gave me  something called a bath a few days ago. I do not like baths! However, the brushing before and after was nice. I really enjoy it when I get to take turns with Mom and Dad snuggling on the couch. I get belly rubs and sometimes i hear them chuckling at me because I'm "sawing logs"...what does that even mean? Anyway, I'm a little sleepy so I'm going to go take a nap in my own personal den. Bye!"

    Mila is still not quite ready for adoption. Her sutures have been removed and the physical wounds have healed beautifully.  She is due to be spayed in September. Mila has not been tested with children or cats yet as the main focus is on her training, gaining her full trust, and healing her emotional trauma. She is doing great so far and we appreciate all the support. We will keep you all updated on this sweet girl. If you have questions or are interested in Mila, please reach out to her foster parents at 


10/5/20 Update:

     Mila's foster parents this time...Mila has been spayed and is on the fast track to recovery. It's safe to say she has been enjoying all the cuddle time after her procedure, especially before bed time. Her personality shines through with her silly antics and quirks more each day. 

     This sweet girl does not respond to cats, small pets or even the occasional wildlife passing through our yard while she is on leash. She has proven though with toys she does have prey drive. Mila has done great in public at the park, the vet, and at a recent rescue event. We have learned she is not fond of large hats (cowboy hats or sun hats). When we took her to the local park, she was nervous about stepping into the creek on such a hot day. With a little bit of positive association and coaxing she did get her paws wet without hesitation.

     Mila does not like to be petted over her head. She will react with mouthing or slight nipping. Mila likes to play rough and is quite vocal about it. She has gotten much better about her mouthiness and we are continuing to work on that with her. She has been tested with children. Mila has experienced children that politely ask to pet and heed instruction about how to approach her and those that immediately pet her despite being advised on how to approach her.  It would be in Mila's best interest to go to a home with no small/ young children. She would also do best as either the only dog or be the second dog to another large breed dog in the family.

     Thank you everyone for the continued support for this diamond in the making. If you have any questions or would like more information about Mila, please reach out to 



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