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January 7, 2021   Hello and thanks for taking the time to read this profile.  This is Angel and I have only been fostering her for two weeks and she is just as sweet as her name. She may be 10 years old but do not let her age fool you.  She loves to play fetch and will bring the ball back to you each time.  She also enjoys going for short walks and walks very well on a leash.  I will say she may enjoy a home that is quiet because when she is not fetching her ball, she loves to take naps during the day and will give you a look when you disturb her quiet time that is rather quite funny.  And man does she snore.  Too cute! Also, watch that sandwich you leave on a low table because you may come back and find it gone.  Lol This may be from her roaming the streets of DC as to Angel was found as a stray.  We are so lucky that Angel found her way into our rescue because I cannot only imagine her being out there in the cold streets.  I do have a cat in my home and Angel will chase her from time to time, but I do not think she would hurt her.  I think it is more of a curiosity and with proper introduction it should not be a problem although my cat mainly stays upstairs, and Angel stays downstairs.  And the fact that Angel stays downstairs most of the time she would do well in a home that does not have too many stairs and would-be a plus if they are carpeted.  I have not brought Angel around any kids so I am not sure how she would do but as mentioned earlier, she would do best in a home that is quiet and not a lot of noise.  She gets along with my male dog who is of the same age although when I do take her for walks, she will bark at other dogs, but I believe this is only to show her presence. If you think you are the right fit for Angel and want to give her a loving furever home and mainly an approved adopter feel free to reach out to me!

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