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3/23/21            This will introduce Karma who is a fun-loving girl who frequently forgets her manners.  She was picked up as a stray in Fairfax and has been in foster care since April 2020.  She just turned 7 on Valentine’s Day and has endured all the restrictions of the pandemic.  But, as long as she could get out in the yard and chase tennis balls, she was a happy camper.  We don’t know much about Karma except that she is definitely NOT a couch potato and, in fact, is really looking for a job where she can be a buddy for someone.  She has lots of energy and loves being outside and would make a great hiking, biking, or camping buddy for someone who enjoys the great outdoors.  Throw some tennis balls for her and she’ll love you forever!

            Karma is easily excited so we are working on teaching her impulse control and that being calm gets rewarded.  She knows the basic commands--sit, down, stay, off, focus, etc.--but that all goes out the window when she’s playing with tennis balls.  Karma tries to push the boundaries, but she really is a dog who is eager to please.  Karma has been with us for almost a year and has adjusted very well to our routine, which includes living with two small dogs and another GSD foster girl.

            Karma has been undergoing treatment for chronic ear infections which includes oral medications, ear drops, and cleaning.  Over the year that she has been here, she has learned to be cooperative and patient and has become a very Velcro dog.  She would make a very loyal and dedicated member of any family who takes the time to exercise her, reward her, and provide the leadership she looks for.  She will take a little effort, but it will be so worthwhile because you will be rewarded with a very devoted canine companion.

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