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Luna 5498

Luna continues to make improvements every day, slowly coming out of her shell. I have been fostering her for almost three weeks and she continues to be timid. She enjoys our trips outside and going for walks in the park, where she loves to try and chase squirrels(so she most likely would not be good with cats). She doesn’t beg for food and is not a Velcro Shepherd. I have learned that Luna is afraid of men. She will need a home that is experienced with nervous and timid dogs and would most likely be best suited for a woman. Luna needs time, work, and patience to overcome her fears.

Hello my name is Luna. Somehow I ended up in this place called a Shelter. I was scared there. Then these two nice ladies came to visit me. I liked them. They took me outside. They petted me and introduced me to another German Shepherd. I was unsure about her. The next day one came back to get me to take me to my foster home. Whatever that may be. I was a little unsure at my foster home but I settled in. I had a nice soft bed and got belly rubs. I really like belly rubs. I'm a little shy but once I get to know you, I will let you give me belly rubs. I've had Luna three days. I'm still learning about her. I will update as I learn more. Please contact me with any questions.

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