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Buddy 5476

Buddy here!  I am a mix of Husky and German Shepherd....mostly Husky we think. I have lots of energy and am learning some basic manners in my foster home.  When I first got here, I would jump, growl, bark and nip a lot.  Isn't that what pups are supposed to do to get attention?? According to my foster parent, that is not acceptable behavior so I am trying my best!  Sometimes I still get overly excited and get very bouncy and vocal but I blame that on the Husky side of me.  I just forget myself sometimes.

I love playing with toys in the yard and can entertain myself fairly well.  I will grab a ball and run laps with it!  I also know a few commands: "Sit" Down" and Come".  I walk okay on leash and need some more work but I am catching on.

My foster thinks I will be best with a family that has some Husky experience and who will continue to work on my jumping an nipping since sometimes I forget.  I also need good exercise! I do well in my crate and will let you know when I need to go out. I am a bit too bouncy for kids so it is best for me to go to a home with adults only.

I am anxiously awaiting my forever home so if you want to meet me, contact my foster parents.

See you soon!!

Approved adopters can contact foster@vgsr.org

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