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Ruger 4359

Meet Ruger! A happy boy that escaped being euthanized at the shelter just for being a stray. He is looking for his forever home to scoop him up and love him for life.  He loves people and is eager to please, and bonds quickly.  He has had some training, he knows sit, down, and somewhat stay, but as all would benefit with more training. 

Ruger needs a family with GSD experience.  He is eager to learn and corrects quickly, but if allowed Ruger can be overprotective of his home and family.  Ruger is a great dog and just needs someone who can give him structure and rules to keep him in line.

Ruger is not good with cats or small dogs. Also he is not good with children at this time. He needs a quiet household and that does not have a lot of coming and going.

If you are interested in a loyal, companion to be by your side approved adopters may email  




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