Percy 4856

Meet Percy!
Introducing, the Energizer Bunny of Shepherds. Percy is thought to be about 9 years old but it’s almost impossible to believe. He has the energy of a 3-year-old and LOVES to play. He as a cute habit of inviting you to play by dropping a toy at your feet or in your lap. If you don’t respond he’ll bring you a different one. Still not interested? Don’t worry; he’s absolutely convinced you want to play and will bring toy after toy until he finds the right one.

Please contact Percy's Foster Directly: Cheryl (

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Dixie 4693

Meet Dixie 4693! If you are looking for beauty, intelligence and unwavering love and devotion then Dixie 4693 is your girl! Dixie is a very active 5 year old GSD. She loves to romp and play chase around the yard with her two canine foster brothers. Dixie was evidently raised in a very sheltered environment the first 4 and ¾ years of her life. All of a sudden Dixie's whole world came crashing down around her.

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Approved adopters may email her foster at