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Karma 4963

Meet Karma
Karma is a fun-loving girl who frequently forgets her manners. Karma loves being in the yard playing ball. She very much wants to do what ever your doing. She is not a couch potatoe. Karma pushes the boundries but very much wants to please.

Approved adopters, please contact her foster: annbg6@gmail.com


Friends and Supporters,

We have been monitoring this evolving situation and wanted to share with you, the steps we are taking. Our highest priority is the safety of our adopters and volunteers.

VGSR holding rescue events around the state most weekends. Dont forget your community and shelters need support and we are still taking in GSDs. If you are not looking to adopt, we encourage you to consider fostering.

At this time we are taking applications and scheduling virtual home visits. Approved adopters will be able to coordinate meeting a dog, after an initial phone conversation with the foster and the foster determining that there is a possible match. Visits will be conducted outside in an area where social distancing can be implemented and only after both parties agree to meet and verify they are well and have not had known exposure. Precautions to be taken during the visit should be discussed prior to meeting.

Thank you, volunteers, adopters and supporters for your help and patience as we continue to work to save lives, help the communities in which we live and find great homes for our dogs.


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Angel 4968

Meet Angel!
Angel has settled in rather nicely in my home. Her and my male German Shepherd have settled their differences. Although Angel lives with another dog she could probably be happy being an only dog. She has also settled in with the cat. She would probably be better in a home with adult kids but has been introduced to toddlers.

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Aproved adopters, please contact her foster: beattym2@msn.com