Beauty 5231

Meet Beauty!
She came to VGSR through a shelter having been found as a stray. While she can be a bit pushy, Beauty does get along with other dogs. Beauty is a people-dog as she would rather be as close to you as she can get; and then a little closer. She is great in the house and rides well in the car.

Don't let her age fool you, she has a good energy and would enjoy a home where she can be the center of attention and the giver of tons of affection.

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Approved adopters can contact Beauty’s foster.

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Zoey 5482

Meet Zoey!
Zoey...have you ever heard people say “its complicated”, meet Zoey. Zoey is fearful of people she does not trust or know. She can be the most joyous playful pup in the house, loving to play and wanting belly rubs. She loves to go in the backyard and run. When she spots the squirrels or birds watch out, thank goodness they are slightly quicker so she barks at them.

Zoey will need continued training and socialization to build her confidence and trust of people. This will take dedication, time, patience, and work. She needs a strong calm leader to mold her into the girl she is meant to be.

Approved adopters can contact Zoey’s foster.