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Griffin 4418

This is Griffin
A fun loving happy soul who has done well here with my other dogs. He loves to explore but listens well to commands. He is good in the house but of course keep an eye on him at first. Griffin has been absolutely no trouble since arriving.

Approved adopters, please contact VGSR: info@vgsr.com


2021 Virginia German Shepherd Rescue
Charity Golf Tournament

Blue Ridge Shadows Golf Club


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We are thrilled to announce the THIRTEENTH Annual Golf Tournament and Auction to benefit Virginia German Shepherd Rescue! Just like fine wine, our annual tournament only grows better with age! How can you help make this event better?

  • By signing up as a player - Bring your own foursome!

  • Be a sponsor - From $100 to $5000 we have you covered.

  • A donor, or all of the above!  Please consider joining us to make this very worthy cause a great success.

This year's event marks our 20th anniversary. Your continued support will help us to see another 20 years of finding good homes for good dogs.

If you are familiar with our work, you already know that VGSR is one of the few rescues in the area that helps elderly dogs and dogs with special needs or medical issues. Often, we are their only hope and it is only with your generosity and support that we can continue to assist so many dogs that need our help.



Max 3344

Meet Max!
Max is a handsome puppy in a large adult body. He loves to play with toys, including fetch and tug-of-war. Superpowers include cramming two tennis balls or two toys into his mouth at a time, and the ability to bark with one tennis ball in his mouth. He knows some commands and is eager to please,

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Approved adopters, Contact Max 3344's Caretaker/Foster Directly: Tammy (tnhuck@yahoo.com)